How to be good at ping pong – the ultimate tips and tricks

How can I improve in ping pong?

Well, this is the very basic question that has come over us every day. So we have decided to write an article providing the ultimate tips and tricks to take your level from zero to pro. 


We are going to share the top-level tips and tricks that are going to help you remarkably in your ping pong life if you follow these tips very carefully and apply this to the matches. 


Besides improving your game, you need the ping pong equipment first. If you do not have the necessary ping pong accessories. You can not play the game where improving will be like the daydream. The ping pong table, paddles, balls, shoes, and the table covers for the outdoor tables are the most important accessories for the game. 


But one thing I would love to clear you that if you want to be a professional ping pong player then you have to choose the best ping pong table and the best ping pong balls to start your carrier. Otherwise, your performance can go downwards. 


Why is that? If this is your question then you are welcome. Because, without the best ping pong balls, you will not get the perfect ball bounce which is most important in the game. 


So, How to be good at ping pong?

  1. Spin and control
  2. Service variation
  3. Correct response speed 
  4. Attacking play
  5. Opponents weakness


I will explain all the techniques that I told you above. I am pretty sure, if you follow these tricks and apply this in your game, you will certainly get benefited. 


Most of all, be become a pro player in ping pong, you have to observe your opponent vary carefully. Because instant responses are most significant in any kind of game to win. So if you apply your common sense and stay calm during the match, no-one can stop you to win the match.


Besides that, there are the most significant tips and tricks that I am explaining to you. You must have to achieve these tricks to defeat your opponent. Here you go…..


1. Spin and Control

The first thing you need to learn how to control. But the question is what to control? 

Well, the very first thing you have to learn in the ping pong is to ball spin control. If you can control the spin you will get everything in ping pong. If you look closely at the professional players, you will see they mainly focus on the spin along with other things. 


If you face a ball that has a spin with it and you have to give it back to the opponent’s side, you have to hit it very carefully and in the right position as well. Otherwise, the opposition will get the point very easily. That is why the spin and the control of it is very important when you play ping pong match.


2.  Service Variation

Basically your first ability t gain a point from the game is service. So if you know different type of service then you can make fool of the opponent. For this reason, you have to learn about many different services. If you know how to bring variations in the service you can easily get the points and can comfortably win the match.


There is some kind of services that are very effective to get the points such as backhand and forehand are most common along with backspin and topspin. If you can apply these services in your match you can win the game very comfortably.


3. Correct Response speed 

One thing you have to acquire as an athlete that is fast-moving with the correction. If you become a lazy person and can not hit the ball correctly yo can not be a good player. When an opposing player hits the ball,  he will try to make you confused with the tricky things and with the speed. 


So if you are unable to respond on that with the same speed you will lose for sure. Another thing is, when you hit the ball you have to be specific on that. Because hitting the ball in the right place can give you the chance to fight back in the game. Otherwise, you will get out of the game from the very first moment. 


In this case, the most important thing to return the service ball correctly. Because you know the reason. When you serve you put a spin on that, so you can not expect the opposition player will not put a spin on that services. So make prepare yourself to face all these things very carefully. And make yourself very confident and develop your skills with these tricks.


4. Attacking Play

Attacking players are always benefited by nature. When you play some tough shots, the opposition player can lose his concentration. And the unwanted fear will come to his mind. But continuous aggressive playing can spoil your match as well. So think carefully before play and try to read the opponent then start playing tough shorts depending on the situation. 


As a beginner, you may not be able to attack the opponent. Because the beginner tends to push the ball just to pass the net. But by the time you will learn how to attack. Then you decide what to do or what not to do. 


5. Opponents Weakness

Every intellect player first tries to find the weakness of the opposition player. So if you want to be like a very professional player, you have to keep this thing in your mind from the very beginning of the game. If you can not understand your opponent, you can not control the game. 


So in order to be skillful in the ping pong, you need to find the weakness of the other player. For example, If you see the player can not feel comfortable returning the backhand ball, then you have to push him through that area again and again. If you can continue this the opponent will feel very weak to play with you. In the meantime, you have to find another weakness of him, then hit with that area as well. Very soon he will out of the game. And you will win the match very easily.


So ping pong is not all about the physical game. It has a mental side as well. If you can play with both side then you can be a master of this game very quickly.